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Book: Japan Ingenious

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A translation of a book by Richard Kaufman is always good news. This book is all the more interesting because it opens a window on Japanese magic. Magic that we Western we do not really know ...

Many people rightly wonder what the difference is between the magic created by Japanese magicians and that of Westerners, or even if there is simply a difference. The book "Ingenious Japan" will allow you to find your own answer to this question.

You should know, that just like Dai Vernon in the West, the magician Ton Onosaka is the main source of Japanese magic today. Indeed, Ton Onosaka has passed on its own secrets and has also created an impulse of inspiration, which helps others to create their own secrets.

Through this book, you will discover a collection of effects created by fourteen winners of the Masao Atsukawa Prize as well as the effects of seven guests.

- 64 rounds from 21 Japanese magicians.
- 252 pages and more than 500 illustrations.
- A4 colour format, hard cover.
- French translation: Jean-Jacques Sanvert.

On the program:

Foreword (Richard Kaufman)
Preface for the French Edition (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
Introduction (Masao Atsukawa)


Masao Atsukawa
The Card Case
Distortion 9

Hiro Sakai
The Volunteer Scam
The Mystery of the Hair Elastic
A History of Transitory Love
The Mystery of the Right Angle Ticket
The Disappearance That Elevates Tenkai
Internal inertia
The Celebrities Map Cut and Restored
Self Self-Levitation

Tomo Maeda
Psychic Writing
The Angle of Hypotheses
Out for Cutting

Hideki Tani
Elevator Illusion
The Disappearance of the Wedding Ring

Takanobu Ishida
Card Ribbon
The E.T. String.
Maps of the Day and Hour
The Mystery Card at the Magic Square

Kuniyasu Fujiwara
Triumph at Automatic Aces
Mr. Levert's Prediction
The Illusion of the Ripped Ticket
The Flying Japanese Wand
The Disappearance of the Cocktail Mixer
The Original Card Tremor

Michiaki Kishimoto
The Mental Drawing Notebook
Agee penetration
Sanguin Group Divination
Four Card Surprise

Kazu Katayama
The Lasso à la Carte and the Scarf
The Aluminium Piece
Oil and Water in Red and Blue
The Finger in the Scarf

Ichiro Mori
The Autumn Mystery
Money in Circulation
The God of Romance
The Tibetan Penguin Cheater

Akira Fujii
Reverse Matrix de Fujii
Flying Parts

Yuji Wada
Three Different Pieces
The Flap MatchBox

Yasuyuki (Bona Ueki)
The Penetration to the Phantom Drink

Tomoyuki Takahashi
The Hand Flipping Challenge
The Piece That Evaporates

Katsuya Masuda
The Double Map

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