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Here is my very first book dedicated to my magic of close-up "from table to table" ...

"This is my first book dedicated to my close-up magic from table to table. You'll find the magic I used to do at cocktail parties or table-at-tables. You will already be able to perform with it and I hope you will get as much satisfaction as I did at the time." - Damien VAPPEREAU

You'll learn:
11 fearsome caromagic techniques whose "Vapro changes"
11 professional and very commercial routines for your table-to-table magic work

"Damien Vappereau is the first magician I met when I arrived in Paris, and I realize today that this was a chance for the beginning of my career. His magical culture and sense of sharing were such that he immediately made me enjoy his magical knowledge.

In addition to his generosity, Damien instilled in me early on the reflex to think outside the box in the face of a magic problem so as not to confine myself to existing techniques. It is this way of thinking that you are about to discover in this book and this generosity that you will enjoy.

To sum up damien Vappereau's magic, I would say that it is ingenuity in the service of simplicity.

Enjoy it, I have been begging him for years to offer magicians his ideas, routines and technical subtleties that have served me well over the last twenty years. »


In summary:


Vapro changes
Instant production
Change under the thumb
Replacement control
Exchange to the nerve
Change to case
Impalming the ribbon
Impalming the underside
Map to the eye of the waterfall.

A quick foreword to routines
Shuttle pass
James Bond
The viewer cuts on the Aces
Travel cards
The ambitious map
As Productions
The knife card
The little handkerchief
The ash card.

Book in French
Format 15 x 21 cm - 120 pages

Illustrations: Father Alexander
Color cover

Specific references